Convention 2018


2018-cwl-diocesan-council-nomination-formThe 2018 CWL Diocesan Convention will take place on May 5-6, 2018 in St. Stephen’s Catholic Secondary School in Bowmanville. Please see the convention materials below.

Welcome Letter:  Welcome letter from St. Joseph’s CWL, Bowmanville

Letter from the President:  President – Welcome Letter Convention 2018

Hotel Options: Hotel Options for 2018 Convention

Locations:  Locations For PD CWL Convention

Registration Form: 2018 PD Conv Registration Form

Meal Form: Agenda:  2018 PD Conv Meal Form

Diocesan Social Justice Project (Homelessness): Diocesan CWL Council Social Justice  Project (Homelessness) – Gift Bag:Backpacks for Aboriginal Youth

Agenda Overview: 2018 Agenda PD Convention DRAFT

Credential Form: Parish Credential Forms 2018

Report: 2017 CWL Pins and Award: 2017-annual-parish-awards-and-merits

Election 2018 Materials:

Letter to Presidents Voting of Parish Councils

2018 CWL Diocesan Council LIST OF CANDIDATES


Peterborough Diocesan Council

Peterborough Diocesan Council – Bio for Nominees-2018

Full Resume of a Candidate:

Audry Mclaughlin

Donna Moore Bio


Helena Lessard 1Helena Lessard 2

Ferrol O'Reilly.JPG


Glenda Klein

Katie Probst

Margaret Van Meeuwen

Maria Fitzgerald

Paddy Fitzgerald Nolan 1

Paddy Fitzgerald-Nolan 2

Paddy fitzgerald-Nolan 3

Paddy Fitzgerald Nolan 4

Pamela Bryson-Weaver

Rosemary Guy