Paddy Fitzgerald Nolan

Peterborough Diocesan   President 

Paddy Fitzgerald Nolan ~ legal name Patricia as the priest wouldn’t allow my father to have me baptism as Paddy.  Married since 1979 to Brian Nolan, mother of 3 amazing daughters, grammie to 2 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. Born and raised in Godfrey ON, with all my sacraments being made at Sacred Heart of Jesus in Bedford. Following in my grandmother’s footsteps Catherine Hickey Fitzgerald who was the first secretary in Bedford at Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1931 to 1933, followed by my mother who has been a member for over 60 plus years.34 of my 39 years have been spend in the Peterborough Diocesan, home is where the heart is.  I have held many positions over my years along with running several workshops.On a weekly base, I v o lunteer at KGH as a spiritual care giver along with my dog Citori.  Citori can brighten anyone’s day.  Like Cheers everyone knows your name, at KGH everyone knows Citori’s name.I keep busy with softball as well bein g treasurer, convenor, board member at two levels, AGM Chair. I am fortune enough to be rename Team ON fastball manager for U21 for the second term of a four year cycle.Together as a family, we are maple syrup producers, along with running two small business out of home. My husband is now the local handy man and I am a grief counsellor whereas I specialist in suicide grief. I am a member of BON bereavement of ON whereas I am the regional rep for Belleville and Kingston. My passion is volunteering with victims of crimes. In my spare time I love to go 4 wheeling, read true crime, volunteering with grief and hospice.

Wendy Tedford
Peterborough Diocesan  Past President 

Wendy is the mother of two boys, 9 years apart, and now out on their own, expanding their minds and life skills. The oldest son is married. Wendy is a mother-in-law of one, and a grandmother of two grandsons, one born while she was attending a CWL Fall meeting in Huntsville 2013. If you do not see Wendy at work in the travel agency, she is at work on a ball field umpiring or instructing. She volunteers in a senior’s facility with the travelling dental office, saying: “Open wide…wider”. Wendy volunteers with several community groups as she tends to get involved where people are. On the rare chance she is at home, she will be working at one of the many projects that a house continually provides. Wendy became involved with the CWL after being approached in the parking lot after an evening Mass. She didn’t think she was getting into her car until she said yes. It was to be just a little job and they really needed her. It was dark and cold, she was tired and wanted to go home so she said: “When’s the next meeting and yes, I will be your secretary”. She said yes, knowing that she did not have time for another project but time was found and she did and still does enjoy it! It can be a once a month meeting or it can expand into the many avenues and highways that this powerful organization has to offer. It can be your choice to move into that space or in response to a little nudging. CWL is good for the soul! Wendy felt it was a chance to meet new and interesting people, to check out resources, to tackle a hidden issue or a big issue and to join others and see where that could take you. She values the spiritual growth… GOOD for YOU and YOUR soul!

Helena Lessard

Organization Chair

Helena is married to Jean-Pierre.  They have two daughters, Meghan and Melissa.Helena is a member of St. Mary’s CWL Council in Lindsay.  Helena served at the parish level in various positions, at the diocesan level as Treasurer and Resolutions and Legislation Chair, and at the provincial level as a member of the Community Life Committee.  Helena also presented and assisted with workshops, was Registration Chair for diocesan convention hosted by St. Mary’s Council, Lindsay, and served on two Committees, Protocol and Credentials, for the provincial convention hosted by Peterborough Diocesan Council.

In addition to participation in CWL and church life, in the community Helena has been involved with organizations such as a women’s centre, a health centre and Parkinson Canada.

Helena has an education in Political Science and Human Resources.  She was employed in Human Resources in the insurance and government sectors.  For a change of pace, Helena then balanced an analytical role of bookkeeping and a creative role of designing and creating competitive dance wear.

Since moving to Lindsay, Helena enjoys the creative side of things and has joined the Lindsay Creative Quilters’ Guild and the Kawartha Handweavers and Spinners Guild.

Spiritual Development Chair

An immigrant from the Philippines to Toronto, Ontario in 1974. Married and a mother of one son and a grandmother of two named Teighan and Marlee. After working for twelve years in the private sector, Laila and Ian found an opportunity up north to become restauranteurs in Emsdale. In a  summer of 1991, a Filipino priest from Englehart stopped in for a coffee from his visit to Toronto, during his frequent visits to the restaurant, they became friends. By the fall, she was recruited and signed up to be a member of the Catholic Women’s League at the Holy Trinity Parish, under the Diocese of Timmins.. In 1998, the Ministry of Transportation  made an offer to buy the business which allows her to become  semi retired. Laila and her husband built their home in 106 Hunters Bay Drive. Huntsville, where she reactivated her CWL membership at St Mary’s of the Assumption. She found her passion in playing golf, and  volunteering in various Ministers at the parish.

Her husband suggested that she should go back to work, since, she chooses an expensive sport. Laila worked part-time at the Hudson Bay Company until the spring of 2013. In 2010, Laila was nominated a position to be on a standing committee and on the executive chair. She had all the great support and encouragement from her parish priest and her husband so, she accepted the challenge. Outside the life of the CWL, Laila is a rosary Apostolate Visitors at St Mary’s Catholic school.

Glenda Klein

Communications Chair

Glenda Klein, Peterborough Diocesan Communications Chair, joined the Catholic Women’s League in 1969 in Brechin as recording secretary. She has been happily married to Wayne for over 50 years and they have three children and four grandchildren. She has held every position at parish level and has served in all diocesan positions except vice-president. She has served as the newsletter editor, communications chair, treasurer and corresponding secretary at provincial and is currently the sub-chair for organization. She is a past president of St. Kevin’s, Welland, St. John Chrysostom, Newmarket and St. Mary’s, Lindsay (twice). She has served as national life member liaison and sub-chair to Christian family life. She has facilitated retreats and resolutions dialogues, led many leadership and public speaking workshops, treasurers’ workshops, Fieldworkers, Ontario Training Days, Project GROW, Joy in the League and Catch the Fire as well as serving as convention parliamentarian. She likes to write skits and fracture songs! She  and has an overactive imagination. She is a confessed convention junkie. Glenda loves the League and all the diverse opportunities it offers to grow in friendship and faith.

More to come…

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